The Damien Museum is worth visiting with your class. Choose a comprehensive Damien Programme that fits in with your curricula and final attainment levels, and interdisciplinary assignments if desired.

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The programme consists of classroom preparation and a visit to the museum with different workshops.

  • In the classroom: preparation in advance of the visit via a folder with tips and assignments.
  • In the museum: students discover Father Damien’s inspiring and modern message and the story behind Damien Foundation through different active workshops. Thinking, doing and experience are central in the workshops which take place in different parts of the museum.


  • During your visit, the museum is only open for you. Therefore, students can explore the museum undisturbed and with supervision.
  • The workshops take 2 hours.
  • Total cost price: €4 per person for a visit. This includes materials and workshop monitors.
  • The accompanying teachers participate in the workshop for FREE.
  • There are different picnic areas nearby.

Additional information

The educational programme offered by the Damien Museum can be implemented in the following subjects: Religion, Ethics, History, General Subjects Project, Social Studies or World Studies (primary school). It can also serve as a preparation for confirmation or an initiation celebration. It can also be programmed by schools as an interdisciplinary activity (as a day of inspiration as part of a ‘project week’). The contents of the programme, the assignments, etc. are customised to suit the final attainment levels of the above-mentioned subjects, as well as the interdisciplinary final attainment levels. The nature of the theme seamlessly links in with Context 3: Socio-relational development, Context 4: Surroundings and sustainable development and Context 7: Socio-cultural society.


(minimum 8 people)

The museum offers your family, friends or organisation a guided tour with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. Visit the surrounding area and turn it into a full day trip!

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  • A guided museum tour lasts 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Total cost price: €5 per person for a guided tour.
  • Lunch or coffee break can be requested.
  • Do you want a customised programme? We will gladly provide some advice.


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